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Creative art includes music, visual arts, drama and dance.  These art forms enrich people’s lives by providing opportunities for expression, creativity, imagination, emotional response and aesthetic pleasure.  Within the classroom environment our teachers construct learning experiences to enable children to learn and participate in The Arts.

In Visual Arts at St Joseph’s Chiltern the children:

  • make artwork using a variety of media
  • explore the qualities of different media and tools
  • discuss artworks and what interests them
  • learn about what artists do and what they make through opportunities to visit galleries and exhibitions, both local and in Melbourne, and by watching artists at work within the school.

The students have a timetabled art lesson each week with our specialist teacher.

In Music at St Joseph’s Chiltern the children:

  • learn and perform songs using their voices and percussion instruments;
  • identify features of music and begin to learn about beat and tempo
  • listen and move to music and become more aware of how music contributes to society.

The Junior students learn the recorder, while our Senior students enjoy playing the ukulele.
A Music specialist, Mrs Pam Mc Donald, visits classes weekly to deliver lessons to all students.

In Drama at St Joseph’s Chiltern the children:

  • engage in dramatic play using costumes and props
  • engage in improvisation, mime and movement to tell or retell stories
  • use their imagination to create performances
  • explore and discuss their feelings and ideas

Every second year a whole school musical is presented to the community.  In 2012 the children presented the highly successful ‘Dangerkids’. This year, 2014, the children will present "Kids in Camelot".