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The academic program is a powerful preparation for lifelong learning.  Teaching staff are committed to ensuring that all students' needs are catered for to provide a quality education.

Within a supportive environment, students are motivated to accept responsibility for themselves and their learning, and to become positive and active members of the community.

A challenging and comprehensive curriculum is firmly aligned with the values and beliefs of the Catholic tradition and the Religious Education program which permeates all dimensions of life at the school.  This curriculum is complimented with a wide range of additional programs.

One of the school's goals is to provide students with the opportunities to become independent learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers who respond to challenge and change.  Through co-operative problem solving activities, students are challenged to consider a variety of approaches and ways to assimilate knowledge and achieve new learning.

A broad and varied curriculum provides "hands on" experiences in the Arts, languages, extentive sporting program and STEAM (science, technology engineering, arts, maths) with visual art programs and a music specialist providing weekly workshops in music appreciation and performance.