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The Discovery School Experience (Bluearth) has been designed to engage students in physical activities that promote self-acceptance and provides a stepping stone for their lifetime involvement in physical activity. Discovery teaches movement patterns with emphasis on posture and other basic functional movement features that are seen to be lacking in modern education and physical activity experiences for children.

The objectives of the Discovery School Experience are to:

  • Provide physical activity that encourages and promotes health, fitness and general well being.
  • Engage students in movement experiences that provide positive and constructive feedback to enhance ability.
  • Activate and promote intrinsic motivation through meaningful movement experiences.
  • Stimulate creativity and imagination through individual and group movement experiences.
  • Create an environment that encourages maximum participation through inclusive practices.
  • Educate students about choice, composure and responsibility through dynamic interaction.

The students participate in Bluearth as a specialist subject which is delivered by a teacher who has received extensive training in the delivery of the Bluearth program.