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At St Joseph’s Chiltern our goal is to:

Provide teaching and learning strategies in Maths that are designed to meet students’ individual learning styles and needs which enables them to engage in challenging activities that maximise the development of their own abilities.

Create in our students a positive attitude and interest in Maths.  

Develop in our students a sound understanding of concepts, processes and strategies in Maths and to use these confidently in solving mathematical problems.

Provide opportunities for our students to apply a variety of analytical and creative techniques in Maths both individually, as a class and in small groups.

Provide opportunities for our students to reflect on their own learning in Maths so they are able to consolidate and evaluate their new understandings. In doing this they are able to connect their new learning to what they already know and this makes their learning more meaningful.

The St Joseph’s teaching staff have completed extensive two year First Steps Maths professional development to further develop and expand their understanding of the four strands of Mathematics.

Our Maths program is also supported by an Extending Mathematical Understanding (E.M.U.) trained tutor.  This allows the school to provide support for those students who are experiencing difficulties in learning mathematics in the early years and beyond.  The tutor has undergone specialist training to provide intervention for a targeted group, and also provides support to students and teachers in the classroom.