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Information Computer technology is an integral part of teaching and learning at St Joseph’s Chiltern.
We endeavour to give each child the opportunity to develop appropriate skills, to prepare them for a society where ICT is present in every facet of life.

Students will use:

  • Computers to support curriculum goals
  • Computer software to research curriculum areas
  • Computers to publish and present information

Our ratio of laptops in our Seniors is one to one.  All our students have access to two banks of computers.  The school also has a set of IPads to use with  groups of students.

Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard, as well as our Library and MultiPurpose Room.

Our school uses ‘e-smart’, which is an evidence-based and tested system for educating students to be cybersafe and able to manage cyberbullying and bullying. The program provides a framework for our school to implement a whole-school culture that promotes the smart, safe and responsible use of digital technologies.

(This excellent program is partly funded by the Allanah and Madeline Foundation.)