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At St Joseph’s it is a priority that every child is given the opportunity to succeed. In order to put this belief into action our school provides a variety of enrichment and support programs to the students.

Enrichment Programs

  • District Sports
  • School Camps and Excursions
  • Swimming Program
  • School Production
  • Summer and Winter School Sports
  • Kids on Stage Festival
  • Cross-Country Ski Program
  • Festival of the Sacred with the A3 Girls Choir
  • Computer Program The school has a ratio of 1:1 laptops.

Intervention Programs

  • Reading Recovery Program (A one-to –one program conducted by a specialist teacher)
  • Enhancing Mathematical Understanding Program (A Maths intervention program conducted by a specialist teacher with a targeted group.)
  • Speech Pathology – Every fortnight our Speech Pathologist visits to work with specific children and groups and to work alongside teachers to improve Oral Language Development.

Support Programs

  • School Assembly – Assembly provides an opportunity for our students to lead. It is also our time to celebrate events and achievements as a community.
  • Prep Buddies
  • Kidsmatter program
  • Better Buddies program
  • Life Relationships Program for the Seniors.
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Homework
  • Indigo Shire Junior Councillor
  • Social Emotional Learning (S.E.L.) Program